Wholesale Dish Towels – Save With a Bulk Order

wholesale dish towels

Wholesale Dish Towels – Save With a Bulk Order

Whether you’re buying towels for your own home or reselling them to customers, consider a bulk order of these versatile kitchen tools. Purchasing a bulk order saves you time and money while keeping your business fully stocked.

Blank flour sack towels are food-safe and great for reselling or creating customized designs. They’re the perfect tool for restaurants, bakeries and farmers markets.

Soft and Absorbent

With their soft fabric and quick-drying ability, wholesale dish towels are ideal for wiping countertops and drying dishes. They’re also a workhorse in the kitchen, where they can be used for straining sauces, making cheese or covering rising bread. Plus, they can be used as a liner for your trash bin or as an eco-friendly alternative to paper towels.

Made from 100% cotton or a high-percentage blend, these towels are naturally absorbent and leave minimal lint behind. They’re also safe to use around food, so they can be used in both home and professional kitchens. Whether you choose wholesale dish towels to buy blank or custom printed towels, they’re an essential part of any kitchen.

If you need a towel that’s gentle on delicate glassware and china, opt for one with a soft microfiber weave or lightweight linen material. A dobby weave is another great choice, as it’s incredibly durable and makes the towel even more absorbent.

Aside from being soft on delicate glassware and china, these towels are hygienic and can help prevent the spread of bacteria. This can protect your guests and employees from food-borne illnesses like salmonella and staph. For maximum hygiene, keep these towels separate from other types of kitchen towels, and wash them often. Adding a disinfectant spray to your cleaning routine can further ensure the safety of your towels and surfaces.


Whether you run a bustling restaurant or are just stocking your home kitchen, wholesale dish towels are an essential component of keeping things clean and efficient. These linens help to dry dishes, wipe surfaces and tackle spills quickly. In addition, they also conceal stains that can occur during food prep or dishwashing activities. Wholesale kitchen towels can be found in a variety of colors and patterns that fit the design scheme of your space. They’re also ideal for customizing, allowing you to add an extra touch of branding or a personalized message to your customers.

Purchasing in bulk also means that you can always have a fresh towel on hand, eliminating the stress of running out or having to make multiple trips for more linens. Plus, you’ll save on shipping and handling costs and reduce your contributions to paper waste!

Whether you’re a professional or home chef, you’ll appreciate the versatility of a quality set of cotton kitchen towels. They’re the perfect blank canvas for custom printing, embroidering and stamping to showcase your brand or create a one-of-a-kind accessory for your home. They can also be used as no-sew wall hangings or framed art and serve as beautiful vignette bases for decorative centerpieces on tables. They’re even the perfect companions for scout or youth groups during service missions, adding a fun and practical touch to their cleaning efforts.


When it comes to kitchen towels, durability is key. This is especially true for businesses that need towels to withstand heavy disposable kitchen cloths use and frequent washings without losing their absorbency or strength. High-quality wholesale dish towels are often constructed with strong cotton fabric that’s tightly woven and hemmed for added durability. They’re also designed to absorb liquids quickly, making them ideal for wiping spills and drying dishes.

Aside from their functional benefits, the durable construction of wholesale kitchen towels is also an attractive feature for businesses that are looking to differentiate themselves and appeal to eco-conscious customers. In addition to using sustainable materials, some companies also utilize environmentally friendly manufacturing processes that reduce water and energy usage.

In a busy restaurant or hotel, it’s crucial to have a reliable supply of high-quality kitchen towels. This helps to ensure that employees have a fresh towel ready for any task and that guests have access to clean and comfortable linens. In addition, when you buy in bulk, you can enjoy a better profit margin when reselling the towels.

Towel Hub offers a wide range of high-quality kitchen towels that are perfect for restaurants, hotels, and catering services. Their straightforward ordering process makes it easy to get the exact towels you need to meet your business’s needs. In addition, Towel Hub offers a variety of case studies that highlight how their kitchen towels have improved kitchen operations and helped to enhance hygiene and customer experience.


Purchasing in bulk offers even more savings. This allows businesses to keep their towels stocked and on hand without spending more than they would for smaller quantities. This saves time running to the store and also reduces waste from buying less-than-needed items. It’s easy to see how these towel discounts can make a difference for busy establishments or for those planning to customize and resell.

These high-quality cotton kitchen towels have a classic, timeless appeal that pairs beautifully with any decor. They look great on display at a bakery, cheese shop or as part of a rustic catering buffet. They’re also ideal for lining bread baskets or folding and placing under shared appetizer plates to give the table a rustic, country-style feel.

While a little bit pricey, these durable tea towels last a long time and are an investment worth making. They’re free of dyes and are very easy to wash and will only get softer with each use. They’re also lint-free, which makes them great for minimizing glassware smudges and other unwanted debris on food prep surfaces. Crafters have also discovered that these towels are perfect canvases for needle-work, applique, stamping and other creative projects. They can be embellished to create one-of-a-kind gifts or used to wrap baked goods and wine bottles. These towels also serve as a more eco-friendly wrapping alternative to paper and plastic.