Top Nonwoven Fabric Suppliers

Top Nonwoven Fabric Suppliers

Nonwoven fabrics have opened doors of everyday convenience that were the stuff of dreams or wild imagination only a short time ago. Top nonwoven fabric producers have a strong commitment to sustainability and are leading the industry in the green direction.

Distributor of chemical bond, needlepunch, spunlace and thermal bond nonwoven polypropylene and polyester materials. Lint-free, fire resistant and sound absorbing products are available. Serves automotive, filtration and geotextile applications.


Fitesa is one of the leading nonwoven fabric suppliers in the world. They are known for their quality products and superior customer service. Their top-of-the-line fabrics are used for a variety of applications, including wipes, geotextiles, and acoustics. They also offer specialty nonwoven fabrics such as air-through bonded, spun laced, and resin bonded carded.

The company is based in Greenville County, South Carolina. The local government is supporting this investment through job development credits and a $100,000 set-aside grant. This new investment will enable the company to expand its production capacity. The company will use the new line to serve existing and new customers in the baby wipes market. It will be equipped with a customized Jetlace hydroentanglement unit and a neXdry through-air-dryer from Andritz.

This will help the company produce premium spunlace roll goods that are designed to operate with a variety of raw materials, including biobased and recycled material. It will also provide the flexibility to produce a wide range of end-products. The company is a leader in the hygiene market and has invested heavily in the Americas and Europe, adding new lines to its global production capabilities.

In addition, the company has acquired Pantex, a manufacturer of topsheet materials and elastics bands for diapers. The acquisition will help the company expand its product offerings and improve customer service.

Ginni Filaments Limited

Ginni Filaments Limited is a company that specializes in the production of nonwoven fabric supplier nonwoven fabrics. Its products serve many industries, including healthcare and cleaning. Its products are made using cutting-edge technologies and ecologically considerate methods. In addition, the company is committed to improving its production processes and offering superior fabric quality.

The company’s portfolio of products includes cotton yarn, fabric, and garments. It also offers wet wipes and liquid cosmetics. Its multi-locational production plant uses state-of-the-art machinery and technology, which has produced world-class products for the past 32 years. In addition, the company has an impressive record of research and development. It has won five national invention patents and 34 utility model patents.

The company operates in two segments: Textiles and Consumption Products. The Textiles segment manufactures traditional textile products, such as cotton yarn and knitted fabric. It also produces converted products, such as wet and dry wipes. The Consumption Products segment sells its products in India and overseas. The company’s facilities are located at multiple locations, including a corporate office and garment unit in Noida, a spinning and processing garment unit in Mathura, and a spunlace nonwoven fabric facility in Panoli, Gujarat.

Stein Fibers Ltd.

Stein Fibers Ltd C/o Innovative in Albany is a fabric supplier of polyester staple fiber. They have a large product line that includes virgin, recycled, hollow, and gel fiber. Their products are purchased by many Fortune 500 companies in automobiles, furniture, bedding, filtration, pet beds, and home decor. They also offer a full range of chemicals and additives.

The company was founded in 1976 by Sidney Stein Jr. It started as a distributor of domestically manufactured polyester fiberfill and then began importing fiber from Korea, Taiwan, and China. In 2000, it began to manufacture its own fiberfill at a plant in LaFayette, Georgia. In 2008, it opened a second manufacturing plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Stein Fibers is now one of the largest distributors of polyester fiberfill in North America.

Its recent acquisition of biodegradable non woven fabric Charlotte, NC-based Consolidated Fibers brings a complement of specialty and niche products to its portfolio. The acquisition also helps support its organic and inorganic growth plan.

Jaren Edwards joined Stein Fibers in 1996 and has worked in all aspects of the business domestically and internationally. He has a strong understanding of the base product and how it is used in the marketplace, which allows him to efficiently communicate with Stein’s customer base and partner producers around the world. He is a graduate of Siena College in Loudonville, NY.


The company’s innovative technology solutions are used in thousands of demanding applications – from car components to power plant turbines, from outerwear to cleaning robots. Freudenberg’s success is based on technological expertise and innovation strength, driven by its mission to shape the future sustainably. The company offers efficient, increasingly digitized processes and products that save energy and materials as well as sophisticated services with responsibility for people, society, and natural resources.

Nonwoven filtrations are flat, porous sheets that can be manufactured by entangling fiber or filaments (and perforating films) mechanically or thermally. They can be made from a variety of materials and can be shaped to offer specific properties.

Freudenberg’s nonwovens are used by a wide range of industry types, including chemical, geotextile, feminine hygiene, and medical. They are also called upon by automotive specialists to produce innovative cargo covers and used by energy companies in solar-powered ionization systems and battery cell technologies.

The company’s North American operations focus on quality, customer service and innovation. They offer a broad range of advanced product solutions and technical textiles, gaskets and seals, vibration control technology, filters, release agents, lubricants and expansion joints. They operate multiple research, manufacturing, and customer service centers across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The company’s recent investments include a meltblown line in Germany, a staple fiber line in Slovenia, and a spunbond line in Taiwan.