Agate Ink For Manicure

Agate ink for manicure

Agate Ink For Manicure

Agate is a beautiful gray ink with a pop of color. This ink has a lot of blue and green to it which makes it look more complex than your typical gray ink.

Brunson’s Nail Polish Gel Ink is an amazing product that allows you to create stunning watercolor and marble effects on your nails. It is easy to use and dries quickly.

Watercolor Effect

If you’re a fan of watercolor nail art or marble nails, these alcohol-based inks from Burano will give you beautiful results. They’re thin inks that air dry quickly and can be rehydrated or removed with isopropyl alcohol. They’re easy to work with and blend well on the nail. They look best over a matte base coat or a clear top coat that has a bit of shine to it.

They come in a range of colors from pink, red, blue, and green to silver and gold. You can use these inks to create a wide range of looks, from bold splatters to soft blended designs. They can be used on top of gel or regular nail polish, but it’s recommended that you buff your base and add a no wipe gel top coat first so the inks can adhere properly.

As with all alcohol inks, you’ll want to protect your working surface and your nails by wearing gloves. You can also use a nail mat to keep your work area clean. Alcohol inks can stain, so it’s best to apply them over a white base or clear topcoat and wipe away any dust that may be on the surface. This will allow the ink to set properly on the nail and prevent smearing. Agate ink for manicure You can move your design if it doesn’t quite turn out how you wanted by adding more alcohol to the brush and reworking the colors.

Marble Effect

Brunson’s Nail Polish Gel Ink makes it easier than ever to create a gorgeous marble effect on the nails. Simply apply a base color, let it dry, and then drop some gel ink on top. Then, use a toothpick to swirl the colors together and create a beautiful marble effect that will make your nails look like works of art.

The color Agate is a warm, purplish gray with subtly opalescent golden particles that give it an incredible depth and vibrance. It reflects the allure and power of this magnificent gemstone, symbolizing loyalty and faithfulness. The color is full of magical powers and can help balance both physical and mental health.

Bring the mesmerizing beauty of agate stone to your nails with this collection of 12 fast drying and highly pigmented art inks. This versatile collection is perfect for a variety of nail designs, from effortless rainbow tie-dye to classy white marble and artistic ocean themed nails. Pair this collection with our Daily Charme Blending Liquid to ensure that your nail designs turn out beautifully and professionally every time!

Tie-Dye Effect

Agate from the Crystal collection is a light, unsaturated gray. It shows some shading and a little silver sheen in large swabs. It dries quickly and has a dry flow. On Rhodia, it has medium shading and a bit of sheen, though not much. On a Col-o-dex card, it is much darker and has no sheen at all. Chromatography reveals a few other colors, including blue and green.

Use this ink to create effortless rainbow tie-dye or classy white marble nail art! Pair it with our Magic Matte top coat for a long-lasting manicure. It also works well with Outshine for a more textured effect! Be sure to cure both Agate ink for manicure supplier the base coat and the ink for a full 60 seconds. Enjoy your nails!

Metallic Effect

Our metallic ink is a pigmented air dry ink that can be used for many different nail art effects. You can use it as a base coat or over top coats. It can be applied matte or shiny! To create a more mirror effect apply it on top of a cured layer of Semilac Top Coat No Wipe Real Color.

Lamy Agate is a pale gray ink that has medium shading and a small pop of silver sheen in large swabs. It has a dry flow and dries quickly in a medium Lamy nib on Rhodia paper. Chromatography shows a little bit of blue and green in the ink.