Wholesale UV Building Gel

Wholesale UV Building Gel

Wholesale UV Building Gel

Unlike regular gel polish which only provides colour and shine to the nails, builder gel adds strength and length. It can be applied directly to the natural nail for a non-chip overlay or used with nail tips to create extensions and enhancements. It works easily, does not penetrate the cuticle and self-levels for minimal filing.

Product Description

Cross link gel of the newest generation with fiberglass particles that makes this gel stronger than acrylic and extremely durable. It has super builder capacities and self-leveling capabilities which make it easy to sculpt on natural nails, and it is perfect for Wholesale UV Building Gel overlays and extensions on nail forms or on natural nails. It is odor free and heat sensitive. LA28 Nail Adhesion Enhancer is recommended to be used with this gel for maximum adhesion. LA28 is HEMA & Di-HEMA free and contains no harmful acids.


The main ingredients of builder gels are oligomers, monomers, and photoinitiators. The oligomers and monomers provide the bulk and strength of the gel, while the photoinitiators are responsible for polymerization when exposed to UV light. The gel also contains pigments, which are added to provide color and opacity.

Most gels contain a variety of additives and preservatives, including acetone, formaldehyde, and toluene. These chemicals are known to have a variety of negative side effects, including skin and eye irritation, breathing problems, dizziness, and nausea. In order to avoid these side effects, opt for a 5-free formula that eliminates these harmful ingredients.

Another way to identify safe builder gels is by checking their Safety Data Sheet (SDS). The SDS provides details about the product’s ingredients, potential hazards, handling instructions, and other important information. The SDS is often available through the manufacturer’s website or by contacting their customer service.

Professional nail associations and publications, as well as educational institutes that offer courses in cosmetic chemistry, may also have articles or studies about the safety of different gel products and their ingredients. In addition to these resources, you can also consult an expert to gain a deeper understanding of the ingredients in your favorite gels. This will help you make informed decisions about which products are best for your clients and your business.


A UV builder gel is a medium-viscosity product that we use to sculpt and create nail extensions on tips, as well as to apply nail overlays. It is a very strong gel that sets under a UV or LED lamp, ensuring that the nails will be properly cured and will last. The gel is formulated to self-level, making it much easier to work with than hard gels.

The best way to apply a builder gel is to use a brush and paint it onto the natural nail, keeping the product away from the cuticles. Ensure that the gel does not come UV Building Gel factory into contact with the sides of the nail or skin – this will cause an allergic reaction. After applying the gel, wait for it to self-level and then cure under the lamp – curing times will vary depending on the brand of builder gel you are using.

Some gels are cured by UV light, while others are cured with heat. When working with a UV builder gel, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for curing. You may also want to wear gloves during application and to avoid touching your hands with uncured products, as this can lead to allergic reactions. Apply cuticle oil on a daily basis to keep the nails and skin healthy while wearing gels.


A clear builder gel to build, strengthen and protect your nails. Fortified with Calcium, this brush-on Builder Gel is easy to use and works like a soak-off gel polish but has the durability of a hard gel. This LED/UV builder gel is odor free, has no heat sensitivity and self-levels for minimal filing.

The builder gel is perfect for creating nail extensions, sculpting, tip overlays and for enhancing natural nails. It dries quickly and stays clear with a natural look. It provides the strength of acrylics without the odor. It is a great choice for clients with weak or brittle nails.

ibd offers 8 new builder gel colors that are LED and UV curable! The gels are odor free, have no heat sensitivity and are formaldehyde and toluene free. The new Intense White provides the brightest white and crisp smile line for your French Manicure, while Cover Pinks and Natural offer full coverage to create a flawless natural manicure.

To Use: Gently push back the proximal cuticle with a Nail Pusher and cleanse the nail plate with Dehydrate to prep the nail for application. Apply a thin layer of Builder Gel to the entire nail surface and cure under LED/UV for 30 seconds (LED) or 2 minutes (UV). Wipe off excess with a dry Nail Wipe and finish with Grand Finale Top Coat.