Wholesale Nail Art Trends – Glitter Nails

Wholesale Nail Art Trends – Glitter Nails

Glitter nails are a versatile nail art trend that can be worn in many different ways. From glitter ombre to glitter French tips, these nails are sure to sparkle all year round.

Pastel nails get a glam update with a top coat of glitter. This pink heart glitter mani by tripled_dips has us feeling the romantic vibes.

Gradient Jelly Nails

When it comes to ’90s trends getting revived by TikTok, jelly nails are some of the most wistful–and easy to recreate at home. The semi-sheer polish is perfect for nail art and looks especially gorgeous with a rainbow of colors.

To get the look, start with a clean nail bed and apply a thin layer of your favorite jelly nail polish. Then, use a makeup sponge to create your desired gradient pattern. This technique is similar to ombre, except instead of using shades of the same color, you’ll use different colors.

For example, if you want to create a pastel pink gradient, paint your nails with a soft hue on the bottom half of your nail and add a vivid purple shade on top. For a more colorful look, try combining three or more jelly colors for a full fruit-salad effect.

Jelly nails also work well for creating a classic tortoiseshell look. To do this, dab light brown and black nail polish on your fingertips, then gently swirl them together with a brush or toothpick.

Lavender Coffin Nails with Glitter

Lavender is a captivating hue that can elevate any look from casual daytime outfits to elegant evening ensembles. This nail trend combines the best of feminine elegance with contemporary style, leaving wearers feeling confident and sophisticated.

The coffin shape is ultra-feminine, and the elongated design flatters fingers while creating the illusion of slender nails. It also offers a perfect canvas for any type of nail art or color, and the delicate lavender light purple shade will look stunning on this nail shape.

If you’re looking for a fun and stylish way to show off your love for glitter, then try out this nail idea. The beautiful lavender color is paired with shimmery silver glitter to create a stunning and romantic look.

This Valentine’s Day, show off your love wholesale nail art glitter decoration for your family and friends by sporting a stunning manicure on long coffin nails. The dazzling lavender hue is paired with subtle floral designs and swirls to create an exquisite look. This manicure will elevate your Valentine’s Day look, and it will pair perfectly with any pink, red, or white outfit.

White Nails with Glitter

When it comes to glitter nail designs, white nails are a staple. They’re chic, classic, and flattering on everyone. But what if you want a little sparkle? Whether it’s for a holiday party or just a regular day out, try a shimmery white glitter manicure.

You can add glitter to any nail color you like, but a light shade of polish works nail art glitter decoration company well for this look. Mix a loose glitter mix with Nail Mate base coat to make a gel nail polish, and apply it to your nails. The fine glitter will blend in and look natural.

Alternatively, you can also sprinkle loose glitter powder over your nails and let it dry. This technique is simple, and the results will be stunning. However, you should remember to use a multi-functional top coat to ensure that the glitter doesn’t flake or chip. It’s also important to wear protective gloves when applying the glitter powder. This will keep the glitter from getting in your cuticles or on your skin. It will also prevent the glitter from sticking to your fingernails.

Nude Glitter Nails

A variation on the naked glitter trend that has been worn by celebs like Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears, this manicure lets you add a hint of sparkle to your nude nails. This simple technique involves slapping on one coat of loose glitter polish over your neutral base. The result is a look that’s more subtle than a full-on glitter mani, making it a perfect option for work or formal events.

For a more elaborate take on this nude glitter look, try adding a touch of gold to your nails. This is a great option if you’re wearing your nails for a special occasion, such as a wedding or prom, as it will make your nail color stand out more.

You can also decorate your nude nails with small details, like this daisy design by @nailsbymh. This cute look is easy to recreate at home using nail art pens or stickers, and it’s perfect for a summery look. You can even add rhinestones to your nails to glam up this nude glitter style. Just be sure to choose a glittery hue that’s similar to your natural nail color to avoid looking overly gaudy.

Iridescent Glitter Nails

If you’re looking for a bold and stunning look that will make your nails pop, you should try iridescent glitter nails. This type of glitter is not only beautiful on its own, but it also looks chic when paired with other nail designs.

Iridescent nail glitters have a soft colour shift, similar to holographic glitter. However, unlike holographic glitter, iridescent glitter has a more subtle rainbow effect. They can be used with a burnished technique and are especially effective when applied over gel polish.

This type of glitter has a sugary appearance and can be coloured or clear. It can be used as a base for nail art, or mixed into acrylic powder and nail polish to create your own custom glitter blend.

To apply this type of glitter, first paint your nails with a clear or white nail polish. Then, sprinkle your chosen glitter over the nails and gently tap to shake off excess glitter. Lastly, finish with a top coat to seal and protect your nails. This will prevent your glitter nails from getting dull or smudged.