Transform Your Gel Colors Into a Velvety Matte Masterpiece

Colorful matte gel

Transform Your Gel Colors Into a Velvety Matte Masterpiece

Transform your gel colors into a long lasting smooth velvety matte masterpiece. Seals and protects your designs. Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty Free.

Gel Mediums are used in the creation phase to reduce shine, extend volume, thicken and lengthen opening time of acrylic colors. Sand Texture Gel comes with 4 different sand colors, best worked with a knife to obtain grainy material effects. Phosphorescent Gel absorbs and re-emits light in the dark.

MATTEHOP Hybrid Gel Roller

Upgrade your scrapbooking supplies with these pens that combine the fun color vibrancy of gel ink with the writing function of a roller pen. These hybrid MATTEHOP pens have high-opacity ink that dries with a matte plastic look Colorful matte gel and are perfect for use on black, colored, or even kraft paper, as the ink remains opaque on dark surfaces. They’re also great for writing on photos and coated papers (test on other surfaces before use). This set includes a total of eight 1.0mm colors: Matte Black, Matte Blue, Matte Green, Matte Orange, Yellow, Pink, Violet.

The high-opacity ink produces a matte, opaque finish when dry thanks to “micro hollow resin beads,” which increase the effect of matte and opaque pigments. The bright, rich colors write beautifully on both light and dark-colored paper and are ideal for drawing and coloring—giving maximum impact to cartoons and comic book style illustrations. 1.0mm tip provides approximately 0.5mm line width.


This non-wipe gel matte top coat seals in your manicure with a velvety finish. It’s a game changer and takes your nail designs to a whole new level. It works with all gel polish and nail enhancements. Its quick curing and durable properties ensure a chip-resistant result. The formula is also made with a hydrating cuticle oil, making it perfect for your nails.

The COLOUR IT MATTE top coat is easy to apply. Simply apply a thin layer of the gel to your manicure, and cure it under a uv or led nail lamp for 60-90s. Then, let your nails dry. This will provide a gorgeous, soft-touch matte effect that lasts for weeks.

Unlike regular top coats, this non-wipe top coat doesn’t leave any residue. It is also free of harmful ingredients, and it can be used with all gel polish brands and acrylics.

Its formula also helps to protect your nails from damage, and it has a self-leveling effect that prevents shrinking. Its unique formula is also safe for your nails and the environment.

The COLOUR IT MATTE Gel Top Coat is available in many shades and finishes. The packaging is eco-friendly, and the bottle is made of glass. It’s recyclable and can be placed in your local manicapality’s recycling bin. Alternatively, you can bring it to a collection center for processing.

ORLY Gel Top Coat

A top coat is a must for extending the life of your at-home gel manicure. It protects your nails and boosts the shine of your nail color, making it look like you just left the nail salon.

Choose from an array of different ORLY top coats Eco-friendly nail polish wholesale depending on your preference. For example, our No-Cleanse Gel Top Coat has a non-toxic formula that seals in your gel nail polish for two to three weeks so you don’t have to worry about chipping or peeling.

It also features a quick-drying technology and an extra durable finish that will help extend the life of your nail color. It’s Leaping Bunny Certified cruelty-free and vegan.

Another great option is the Shining Armor Long-wear Topcoat, which is a fast-drying gel with UV/LED light curing technology that will keep your nail color shiny for weeks to come. It’s also a great choice for refreshing your at-home manicure without having to sit under the lamp.

Alternatively, if you love the look of matte gel nail polish, try our Nail Tip Primer for a smooth base coat. It’s easy to apply and works just as well with regular nail polish as it does with gel. It’s a great way to extend the life of your manicure, so you can get the most out of each bottle of nail polish.

Fuddy Strong Hold & Matte Gel

Upgrade your styling routine with this Fuddy Strong Hold & Matte Gel from Johnny B. This water-resistant formula provides a strong matte finish that lasts throughout the day. The gel is formulated with quality ingredients to ensure that your hair looks effortlessly styled and well-maintained.

Perfect for a modern look, this matte-finish gel provides great control and outstanding performance without the use of alcohol, which can dry out the hair. Its thick viscosity is comprised of only 38 percent water, which allows for optimal hold without flakes.

To use, rub a generous amount between hands and apply evenly to wet or dry hair. Then, style as desired and blow dry for best results. This product is suitable for all hair types.