Pearl Embossing Gel

Pearl Embossing Gel

Pearl Embossing Gel

A dimensional, pearlescent medium that dries translucent. Can be tinted with paints, mica powder and more.

Use with stamps and a heat tool to turn stamped impressions into sparkling raised effects. Use with Letter It Clear Stamps and Perfect Medium Ink to create beautiful hand-lettering and doodles.

Brush dry Pearl Ex over stenciled areas or over stamped Impressions to add a shimmering background. You can also mix wet Pearl Ex with water to paint pearlescent watercolor effects.

Fusion Smooth Embossing Paste – Pearl

Fusion Smooth Embossing Paste is a thick medium that offers a contemporary look, ideal for creating texture or raised patterns through stencils. This waterbased paste dries translucent with a pearl finish that can be painted, glazed or waxed over. It can also be custom tinted with universal tints or Fusion Paints to add color. Apply with a brush, sponge, spatula or stencil for a raised effect. It may take 12 hours to dry, depending on how thick the layer was applied. It can be textured and will hold any manipulated surface. This product can also be brushed on for a frosted look.

Letter It(tm) Perfect Pearls

Add a shimmering pearlescent effect to your project with this easy-to-use technique kit. Included in the set are three perfect pearl powders, a stencil featuring beautifully hand lettered sentiments, a medium pen, a Mini Mister, a brush and quick and easy technique sheets. This kit is perfect for beginners or those looking to elevate their projects with a beautiful and delicate finish.

The Enhanced Pearl category showcases Pearl Embossing Gel an array of captivating pearlescent hues, from the enchanting Enhanced Blue Pearl that offers a mesmerizing aquatic color to the regal Enhanced Gold Pearl that exudes elegance and sophistication. Each shade offers a unique take on the classics, with some offering an unexpected twist.

Emboss through a furniture stencil to create a raised and textural effect, or tint with mica powder, pigment powder, Colored jelly gel supplier paints and more to create a custom look. This water based acrylic gel medium dries clear and can be used on almost any surface. One 16 oz. jar can cover up to 12 square feet when applied with a brush and 2 square feet when applied with a trowel.

Ranger Perfect Medium Ink

Developed to work with Perfect Pearls Pigments, this stamp pad is also a remarkable embossing ink and watermark ink. Acid free and non-toxic. Pad measures 3″x3″. Includes one 0.5 ounce bottle of reinker to re-ink the pad.

Specially developed with a built in resin, Perfect Pearls are easy to use dry or wet. They can be used over images stamped with Perfect Medium Ink, Letter It(tm) Clear Stamps or Letter It(tm) Pens to create hand lettering and doodles or mixed with paints, inks, watercolors and other media for painted pearlescent glazes on paper or cloth projects.

You can even sprinkle these dry powders over wet ink for an instant resist! Add them to paints or varnishes for a shimmery glaze. Or mix them into a mister with water or Distress Re-Inkers to spray the pearly mixture on cardstock, ribbons and vellum. And for a unique effect, mix them with dry embossing powders to make the pearlescent embossing “pop”. These are just a few of the many ideas you can come up with when working with these fabulous pigment powders.

Ranger Perfect Pearl Brush

Create dazzling pearlescent effects on cards, paper and other projects. Perfect Pearls are fantastic loose pigment powders with a clever built in resin that makes them easy to use wet or dry, no additional binders needed. Add to watercolors, inks, acrylic paints, embossing powders, unbaked polymer clay and more. Each kit comes with four coordinating pigment powders, a detail brush and a dusting brush. Add water to produce luminous paints and glazes that stick to many surfaces, including paper, wood and stone. Also mix with Perfect Medium to stamp over images stamped with a Perfect Medium pad or to produce a water based ink for cloth projects. Tax included, shipping and discounts calculated at checkout. 12 pcs. of dusting brushes. Similar to those in the Perfect Pearl Pigment Kits (sold separately).

Unlike Ranger’s Perfect Ex, this will not seal with water.