Mist Light Manicure Gel

Mist Light Manicure Gel

Applying gel nail polish and curing it under a LED or UV lamp gives your nails a glossy overlay. The curing process helps your nails resist chipping and smudging for weeks.

However, removing gel polish is tough on natural nails. Soaking them in acetone for long periods of time can make nails brittle and thin over time.


When we talk about manicures, we are normally referring to a process in which nail polish is applied, cured and then top coated. Gel nail polish is a form of this and has been used for some time to achieve long lasting manicures that chip less easily than traditional polish.

Before you start your nail art, clean and sanitise the nails and hands with NSI Purify or any Nail Sanitiser Spray. Push back the cuticles with a Cuticle Pusher to give you more space to work on each nail. Buff the natural nails slightly with a nail buffer such as our NSI Endurance Nail Buffer 180/240 grit to make sure they are free from dirt, dust and grease.

Always apply and cure each coat of colour separately. This ensures that there is no smudging of the manicure and also allows you to correct any mistakes with ease. If you are using a polygel, this can be done even easier than acrylic, since it does not set until cured. Also, we recommend painting and curing each thumbnail separately to avoid smudging the nail.

Base Coat

Typically applied as the first step, a gel base coat prepares the nail surface for polish application, smoothing any imperfections and preventing staining from pigmented nail colors. A quality gel base coat will also help your nails look salon-fresh for longer, minimizing chipping.

Choose a base coat that offers strengthening and nourishing ingredients, like those found in products like OPI’s Infinite Shine Gel-like Base Coat or Mist Light Manicure Gel China Glaze’s Eco Glaze Base Coat. Some are quick-drying, while others have a matte or glossy finish to suit your nail care and styling needs.

To get the best results, apply your base coat in a thin layer over each natural nail. Be sure to cover and seal the free edges, or cap them, which prevents the gel from lifting up at the tips of your nails. Then, once dry, you can proceed with your polish color!


If you’re looking for a more formal and elegant look try NYK1 Lilac Mist, a neutral dark pink/lilac gel nail polish that is perfect for bridesmaid or wedding nails. This colour has hints of purple that will really help to brighten up any outfit and is also one of the most popular shades for gel nails in salons across New Zealand.

Like other gel polishes, this shade is cured under UV or LED lamps to set the color and make it long-wearing. When the curing light shines on the polish formula, special ingredients called photoinitiators are activated, causing Mist Light Manicure Gel wholesale the tiny molecules in the polish to start joining together, creating longer chains of chemicals known as polymers. These polymers are what form the plastic film that makes the polish strong and long-wearing.

When applying the color, make sure that you coat the nail completely and to the edge of the nail. When it’s time to take off the gel, soak a cotton ball in 100% pure acetone and wrap it around each nail. Then use a ManiSafe Nail Polish Remover Wipe to safely and easily remove the gel polish from your nails without removing the healthy nail plate beneath it.

Top Coat

The top coat is the final step of your gel manicure and it seals and protects your polish, extending wear. It also adds that shiny, glossy finish to your nails.

Without a top coat, your nail color can quickly be damaged by the elements such as water and sunlight. The top coat forms a hard, protective layer over the base and colour layers of your gel manicure, keeping your design looking freshly done for days.

To ensure the best results, we recommend using a non-wipe top coat like Kiara Sky No Wipe Gel Nail Top Coat. It is quick to dry and provides a long-lasting high-gloss shine.

After applying the top coat, you should cure it for 30 seconds under the LED or UV light. This is called curing and it activates the chemicals in your top coat to help it set, dry and become a hard, durable coating.


Sanitise the nails and client’s hands. Gently push back cuticle and clean surrounding nail plate and nail bed. Use a lint free wipe saturated with Gelish Nail Surface Cleanse to wipe away any dirt or oil. Apply a thin coat of Gelish pH Bond to the natural nail and cure under LED 18G or UV Light.

Choose your NSI Cream Gel Polish and apply a thin application on one half of the nail, sealing the edges of the free edge. Repeat on the other half. Shake to blend and cure for 60 seconds in the EMMA Duet Multi-Cure LED or EMMA Genius Rechargeable LED Light (or 120 seconds under UV).

To break the seal of Essential Seal, gently roughen the nails using an Endurance 180/240 Grit Buffer then sanitise with Nail Wipes saturated with Cleanse and condition with Nurture Cuticle Oil. Then, use an orangewood stick to slide off the top film leaving a smooth nail plate ready for your finish. Use the same process to remove any residue left behind. Follow with a coat of EMMA V.S.G.P or Nonfat Matte Top Coat.