Missgel Magic Mirror Chrome Gel Polish Review

Magic Mirror Chrome Gel Polish

Missgel Magic Mirror Chrome Gel Polish Review

Missgel’s Magic Mirror Chrome Gel Polish is a great product for anyone looking to do some nail art. This product is easy to apply and looks great on all colors. It also works well with dark gel polishes.

To apply the powder, rub it onto the nail with a foam eyeshadow brush. Rub off excess and seal with the included no wipe top coat layer.

Easy to apply

Chrome Powder is a new revolutionary nail art pigment that allows you to create amazing mirror-like nails without hours spent Magic Mirror Chrome Gel Polish on your nails. This unique powder is easy to apply and has superior adhesion, making it suitable for all types of gels and nails. It can be used as full coverage for a big wow factor or to create different designs, patterns and lines on the nails. It can also be mixed with other Chrome Pigments to create a whole new look.

To achieve a beautiful chrome nail art design, you should first prep your nails with a good soak off gel base coat. We suggest using a dark color, like our Black Gel Polish, as this will create more of a contrast for the chrome powder. Apply the powder on the nail and rub in. You can use a rubber tool to help you with this step, or even your finger! After you have rubbed the powder in, seal with your favourite top coat. We recommend our Daily Charme Diamond Shine No-Wipe Gel Top Coat.

This top coat is specially designed to maximize the potential of the Magic Mirror Chrome Powder, so it’s best applied and cured before you start doing your manicure. After applying it, you can then dip your applicator in the Magic Mirror Powder and brush it on the nail surface. It can be difficult to get an even coat, so it’s best to work in small sections at a time.

Easy to remove

Missgel is a professional manufacturer of gel nail polish, with 4 high-level R&D departments for materials, colors, and functions. Their products are made in strict compliance with the national and international quality standards. They also have a team of after-sales service to solve customer problems quickly and effectively.

Magic Mirror Chrome Powder can be applied over any base coat gel, and is easy to remove using a lint free wipe moistened with nail polish remover. Its dust-free formula and enhanced chip resistance make it more durable than other chrome powders.

Before applying the magic mirror powder, you should apply a no-wipe top coat layer first. Then dip a small amount of the powder with the sponge brush, and apply it evenly on the nail surface. After curing, Wholesale UV Gel Polish manufacturer lightly brush off the excess powder and finish with a reinforced gel or sealing layer.

Easy to clean

The mirror chrome look is one of the newest nail fashion trends. Its glistening finish looks gorgeous and is perfect for parties. However, it can be difficult to remove at home without damaging your nails. This is why you should leave the job to a professional.

To apply the metallic polish, first clean and prep your nails. Use a file and buffer to create a smooth surface for application. Then apply a base coat and cure. Once the base coat has dried, brush on a layer of gel polish. You can choose any color you want, but dark colors work best. Then, apply the metallic powder with a sponge. Rub the powder in circular motions until your nails are shiny and sparkly. You can also experiment with different designs to create a custom look.

The metallic pigments are available in a kit that includes 2g of the pigment, a sponge eyeshadow applicator and a 5mL bottle of “no wipe” gel top coat. The no-wipe top coat is necessary because it will allow the pigments to “grip” onto the surface of the nail. Before using the powder, blot the applicator on a paper towel to avoid contaminating it with other products. If the application isn’t as flawless as you’d like, you can reapply and seal again. Make sure that you only apply a thin layer, since the powder can be easily streaky.

Easy to maintain

Missgel’s Magic Mirror Chrome powder is easy to apply and maintain. Apply a no wipe top coat layer and cure it. Then, dip a small amount of the powder with the sponge brush and gently rub it on the nail surface. Be sure not to over-rub, or the polish will stick to the top coat and ruin the look of your nails. To avoid this, use a soft brush to clean up the excess before applying a hard top coat and curing.

Before applying the Magic Mirror Chrome Gel Polish, prepare your nails with a soak off clear or dark gel base coat. The color of the base coat will determine the final effect of your nails. After the nail is prepped, apply and cure a thick no wipe top coat layer to seal the look. This will also help prevent the glitter from falling off the nail.

After the no wipe top coat is dry, apply a thin layer of the Magic Mirror Powder using the sponge brush or eyeshadow stick. Rub in the powder quickly and thoroughly to create a stunning mirror effect. Then, apply a hard top coat to seal the look and cure.

Magic Mirror Chrome Gel Polish is an FDA and EU approved pigment powder that contains no toxic chemicals, like Cobalt Dioxide, that cause cancer. It is highly pigmented, and the result is a true mirror finish that will not chip easily. The color is easily customizable to suit your own style.