The First-Of-Its-Kind Skincare Wand

The First-Of-Its-Kind Skincare Wand

The first-of-its-kind skincare wand uses red light therapy, galvanic current, therapeutic warmth, and facial massage to help reduce fine lines and dark circles. It also claims to boost the effects of your favorite serums, says the brand.

Apply the brand’s Renew Complex Activating Serum (or any serum with a similar formulation) to a clean face and glide the wand over your face for 12 minutes.

LED Light Therapy

LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy is a non-invasive, pain-free way to help rejuvenate the skin. It’s often combined with other treatments to boost results, like microdermabrasion. The treatment uses different frequencies, or wavelengths, of light that penetrate the skin at various levels to treat specific problems. For example, blue LED light works to reduce oil production and can help treat acne by killing bacteria in the skin, while red LED lights stimulate collagen proteins and improve skin texture.

LED light therapy is often performed by a licensed aesthetician or dermatologist in a clinic or spa, and you can also purchase at-home devices that mimic the results of professional treatments. Before each session, you should clean your face and remove any makeup. Then, you’ll put on protective eyewear and skincare wand lie down to let the device do its work. A full session typically lasts about 20 minutes, depending on the area you’re treating and your comfort level.

In addition to wrinkle reduction and improved skin texture, LED light therapy has been shown to decrease inflammation and promote wound healing. It can also reduce the appearance of pores and reduce puffiness. It’s a great alternative to ablative treatments like laser resurfacing, which damage the surface of the skin to encourage tissue repair and regeneration. Unlike these traumatic techniques, LED light therapy is called photobiomodulation and doesn’t damage the skin, but still alters cell function to promote growth and health.

Microcurrent Therapy

While microcurrent technology is relatively new to the esthetic industry, it was developed in the medical arena to treat muscle paralysis (a condition similar to Bell’s palsy). The treatment works by using handheld prongs that deliver small electrical impulses to stimulate facial muscles and promote cell rejuvenation. It’s also said to encourage muscle memory, meaning that if clients have regular treatments on a consistent basis, their faces will begin to look more lifted and defined.

To perform a facial with a skincare wand, an aesthetician will apply a conductive gel to the skin before switching on the device. The best conductive gels are water-based, and have plenty of added nourishment to help feed the skin. One of my favorites is the NeoGenesis Glide Gel, which provides excellent slip for your wand and layers well under other products without pilling.

When it comes to offering microcurrent, it’s important to be clear with your clients about what results they can expect. It’s a great treatment to incorporate into your facial menu, especially for clients who want to achieve noticeable face-puffing or anti-aging results, like a more defined jawline and less sallow skin. It can also be used to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce the appearance of sagging skin around the neck and chest area. This is because the wand can increase collagen production and improve lymphatic drainage, resulting in a tighter-looking complexion.

Gentle Oscillation Technology

The harmonic vibrations of sonic vibration stimulate the skin and encourage cell renewal and lymphatic drainage. This technique is perfect for sculpting the jawline, reducing puffiness and removing toxins that can cause dull looking skin. It also enhances absorption of skincare products.

Unlike manual cleansing methods, the gentle pulsations of sonic vibration provide a make up case deep clean without any irritation. Clients often report feeling a relaxing, soothing massage-like sensation. Sonic vibration is also great for reducing black circles and eye bags, giving the eyes a refreshed appearance.

The internationally patented technology creates biologically effective oscillations in the treated tissue using electrostatic attraction and friction, with a pleasant effect up to 8 cm depth (through skin, connective tissue, subcutaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels). It can be easily applied by your therapist with hygienic vinyl gloved hands. It can be combined with other treatments such as LED, microcurrent and dermaplaning.

The high-frequency electrical currents are pain free and have been shown to promote blood circulation, increase collagen and elastin production, remove acne-causing bacteria, encourage lymphatic drainage, exfoliate the skin, fade fine lines and wrinkles, reduce dark spots and improve skincare product absorption. This is a safe treatment for all skin types.