Make Up Bags For Travel

Make Up Bags For Travel

Whether you’re a frequent traveler who needs to tote a larger makeup bag or someone who prefers to stick with minimal essentials, there’s a travel cosmetic case for everyone. Look for one that can handle spills and messes with ease, as well as a style that fits your vibes.

Organize brushes, small toiletries, and hair products with a makeup case that has internal dividers and removable pouches.

Beis On-the-Go Essentials Case

If you’re the type to bring a whole beauty routine with you when you travel, a makeup bag with dividers and multiple compartments is a must-have. If you’re a light packer, on the other hand, a more compact pouch might be more your speed. And if you’re prone to spills and mess, a waterproof make up bags for travel one is probably a good idea (plus it will look cute in your hotel bathroom shelfie).

If all those things sound like your thing, this Beis cosmetic case will be your new BFF. It’s a total overpacker’s dream and comes with a mirror for en route touch-ups, along with plenty of storage for all your favorite products and a removable brush holder that pops out so you can nail your eye makeup no matter where you are.

If you’re more of a minimalist, this simple drawstring cosmetic bag is your new best friend. It flattens out to act as a mat so you can lay out all your stuff while you do your makeup and, when you’re done, it just pulls shut and zips up (and can be easily thrown in the wash if there are any messes or spills). Plus, the faux leather exterior is super durable so it won’t get crushed or dinged up in your suitcase. The gold monogram is a nice touch, too.

Calpak Oversized Toiletry Bag

The makeup bag of every die-hard beauty enthusiast’s dreams, this sizable clear toiletry case is designed to fit full-size items. Staffers love its sturdy fabric that holds up to spills and a wipe-clean interior, plus thoughtful details like carrying handles and metal feet that keep it standing upright when not in use. It’s also TSA-friendly and available in both small ($75) and large ($95) sizes.

This hanging travel toiletry bag has multiple side and zipper pockets, which helps keep everything in place. It also has a handy hook that saves counter space and can be easily clipped to shower rods or towel racks. Plus, it’s a great option for overnight trips or when you know you’ll be able to store your products in a hotel bathroom.

If you prefer Dopp kit-style toiletry bags that offer more discretion and are ideal for situations where you’ll need to cart your products from room to room (like when traveling with a group). Raymond recommends this one, which opens flat for easy access to all of your toiletries, then neatly scrunches back up when you’re ready to go. It’s made from a water-resistant material and comes in several colorways.

This mini clear toiletry bag is perfect for a weekend getaway, weekday commute or day trip, as it will easily accommodate your essentials without overcrowding your luggage. The minimal design is a great solution for minimalists who want to avoid packing unnecessary items and make the most of your limited carry-on space.

Cuyana Travel Beauty Case

If you’re looking for a luxury travel makeup case to stylishly store your toiletries, look no further than this pebbled leather version. It comes in 14 different leather shades and can be monogrammed. Our tester has been using it for months and loves how it looks, feels, and fits all her beauty products, from eyeshadow palettes to hair ties to brushes. She says the case is super protective and has already survived many flights with no rips or scratches. It also has a small pouch and brush straps inside the large one, which is perfect for keeping a few things handy.

The dividers in this train case can be moved around to fit all your toiletries and makeup. Our tester was able to fit seven palettes, three full sets of makeup brushes, two foundation bottles, five lipsticks, and a ton exfoliating mitt of other smaller items. It’s also the perfect size to pack into a suitcase, thanks to its slim profile.

The beauty train case from Away feels high-end and luxurious, and the neoprene exterior holds up well to TSA agents’ rough handling and flight turbulence. It’s also easy to clean, which is essential in the event of a spill or other travel mishap. It’s a great option for people who love to bring full face and body makeup with them on trips.