Nail base is an unique device that enhances the nail, protects it from the unsafe impacts of gell.

A nail base is an unique device that enhances the nail, protects it from the unsafe impacts of varnish, evens out the nail plate as well as safeguards it from pigmentation.

The skim coat performs the following functions:

– Evens out the smallest flaws on the nail, masks abnormalities.

– Offers strong adhesion of nail platinum as well as decorative varnish.

– Strengthens the nail, offers it a certain rigidness.

– Decreases the risk of pigmentation of the attractive finish.

With the help of the base, you can also fix and expand the edges of the nail plate, as well as reinforce the nails. Even if it is also thin as well as breakable, a manicure with a correctly laid base will last 2-3 weeks.

However, this device, which is the basis of manicure, should be selected appropriately. For different types of nail plates – fragile, slim, prone to delamination, solid – a specific option of the base coat is called for. After an aesthetic assessment, experienced craftsmen figure out exactly how the type of base is best fit.

Kinds of bases: characteristics and features

Professionals differentiate three sorts of base coverings:

– Hard.

– Elastic.

– Camouflage.

Strong bases are a liquid item. When related to the nail, an extremely slim layer of finishing is obtained. Nonetheless, you require to deal with such bases very meticulously and have certain skills. Positioning of the nails is performed rapidly, or else the item might stream as well as build up on the sides of the nail.

After the base is dried out under an ultraviolet lamp, it virtually does not flex. Recommended for usage on solid and also tough nails. If the nail plate is as well versatile, flaws in the form of chips or peeling off might show up on such a finishing.

Elastic bases (rubber) are considered the most popular and in demand in decorative manicure. This device does not spread on the nail plate, lays down uniformly and nicely. It is likewise made use of for nail expansion, improvement of corners. Elastic basecoats are developed with rubber to provide a flawlessly also layer.

This skim coat can be utilized on all kinds of nails, but also for breakable, flexing, soft, it is simply best.

Camouflage bases perform two functions at the same time: they cover the nail as well as efficiently mask defects. The highlight of this tool is that it is nontransparent, usually has an off-white, pink or milky tint. Some suppliers generate camouflage bases with a glimmer.

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