Solar Battery                                     

Solar battery is component that noiselessly charge up during sunlit enchantments, and when the solar pieces stop producing energy, the series can release vigor. Solar freestyle packing permits you to endure to use the vigor that was produced and protected during the bright retro to control your purposes.

Main Features

  • LiFeP04 battery, more steady and harmless.
  • Complexity of emancipations
  • Bright BMS armed inside to uphold the battery always work at finest form.
  • Can be allied in parallel to upsurge battery capability and power
  • The battery is modest to attach with the inverter and easy to connect
  • Max charge and release current as 200A which is especially planned for solar energy.
  • Build-in 1.2A equalizer can balance solar cell voltage difference as small as 0.05V in a very short time.
  • Exceptional reserve self-consumption as low as 4mA.
  • Round Trip Competence
  • Mechanically production cut off after 30days no charge and release to guarantee safety , also can cut off production by physical process 
  • General Features Safety Sealing
  • Non-spill able construction High power density
  • Outstanding salvage from Deep liberation Thick plates and high energetic supplies
  • Longer Life and low self-discharge strategy

Comparison (Lithium solar battery vs Lead acid solar battery)

Cost Lead-acid solar battery price less up obverse, but they have a smaller lifetime and want steady care to save them consecutively suitably. Lithium solar battery are much more exclusive up obverse, but they are care-free and have a lengthier lifecycle to contest their higher worth label.

Efficiency In most circumstances, lithium-ion battery skill is greater to lead-acid due to its dependability and competence, amongst other qualities. Though, in circumstances of small off-grid packing systems that aren’t used frequently, less luxurious lead-acid battery choices can be better.

Power Lithium solar battery supplies the same amount of energy throughout the whole liberation cycle, where’s as a lead acid power supply start out sturdy but dispels.

Charging Time Charging lead solar battery is disreputably slow. In most cyclic solicitation, you need to have lead additional batteries as compare to lithium solar battery, alleging is four times quicker than lead solar battery. The quicker charging means there is more time the battery is in use, and consequently needs fewer batteries.


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